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Kwik Trip Projects

NIC has grown to meet and exceed the expectations of companies such as Kwik Trip, who is well-recognized for its demanding schedules and high quality. Under Market & Johnson, NIC has completed the earthwork, utilities, and parking lots for 5 of the 7 new Kwik Trip sites in Superior, 3 car wash additions around the Twin Ports, and the Bio-Diesel Mixing Facility in Superior. In 2017 we completed the site work for Kwik Trip Store #572 in Hermantown, MN (pictured here), for which we received recognition as “2017 Best Subcontractor.” Our continued dedication to detail, ability to meet deadlines, and relentless work ethic is evidenced by our strong relationship with clients such as Kwik Trip (KT). This reputation is much of the reason why we were awarded work on Store #941 in Proctor, MN, which will be our 11th project for Kwik Trip in the last 5 years.

Total Value of KT Projects to Date: $7M+

Number of New Stores: 6

Number of Carwash Additions: 3

Number of Support Facilities: 1

Number of Demolition Projects: 3

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