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2018 Memorial Medical Center - Ashland Hospital Parking Lot & Utility Improvements

In 2017, NIC was selected to complete a project for Memorial Medical Center at their Ashland Hospital site. The existing parking lot had began to deteriorate, the existing storm sewer needed upgrading, and maintenance costs on a sanitary lift station became unreasonable. In two summers, NIC was able to completely rebuilt the active hospital's parking facilities. With over a half mile of re-routed utilities and 280,000 s.f. of parking area this was no easy chore, but NIC was up for the challenge. NIC worked closely with hospital staff to create easy-to-follow phase transitions - leading to no confusion or interruption to daily operations. NIC operated as the construction manager, overseeing paving, concrete, directional drilling, and landscaping operations and completed the project in September of 2018.

NIC Contract Value: $1.1M

NIC-Managed Contracts: $600K

Parking Lot Area: 280,000 S.F.

Cubic Yards of Excavation: 27,000+ CY

Tons of Base Aggregate: 21,000+ ton

Miles of Utility Piping: 0.56 mi.

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