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DSPA Dock C & D Rehabilitation

In 2015, NIC began work under Lunda Construction at the Duluth Seaway Port Authority's Dock C & D site. Lunda took on the responsibility of replacing the sheet piling on south side of the site (D Dock) while NIC prepared the site for a new gravel surface and utility improvements. Since it's completion, the site is now used for shipping and handling of windmill parts as well as Altec products. 

NIC Contract Value: $2.1M

Project Area: 27 Acres

Cubic Yards of Excavation: 28,250 CY

Cubic Yards Base Aggregate: 30,967 CY

Square Yards of Geogrid: 35,773 SY

Square Yards of Type V Fabric: 69,644 SY

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